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Montessori Careers                       

We believe that the art of great teaching requires years of cultivation, care, personal investment, and mentorship. 

Montessori teachers act as scientists in the classroom, carefully observing each child's development to prepare an environment which is specifically responsive to the needs of the children it serves. Montessori teachers facilitate children's curiosity by matching individual lesson.


We are always eager to meet interested candidates and welcome you to share a letter of introduction and resume.

Send an email to with the name of the position as well as a resume and cover letter.

Montessori Teacher Leader

In collaboration with a fellow teacher leader, the responsibilities of the Teacher Leader include but are not limited to co-teaching, family engagement and support and school operation.

Montessori Assistant Teacher

As an Assistant Teacher, you are a critical member of our school community, supporting the maintenance of the Montessori prepared environment and reinforcing Montessori's philosophy of whole child education. 

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